Guide 2 Passing

The professional associations seem to have accepted this unsatisfactory fudged situation.

Do they not have faith in their members’ professional judgments? Why attempt the impossible and possibly have to U-turn eventually, so creating yet more stress for teachers and students? Why not rely, as in 2020, on moderated teacher assessments, given that universities and colleges have not raised any outcry about teaching the students assessed in that way? One answer: this rightwing government does not trust teachers and is obsessed with the “GCSE and A-level gold standards” despite a lack of professional consensus on the reliability of Guide 2 Passing externally set, unseen, timed examinations as the sole means of assessing students’ performance. Prof Colin Richards Former HM inspector of schools  Throughout the examination results fiasco earlier this year, the education secretary parroted the same mantra that end-of-course exams are the best system of measuring learning. He frequently added that this view was “widely accepted”. He has never told us why he holds this view or to which evidence he is referring. In fact, there is Exam Dumps considerable evidence stretching back 40 years that various forms of continuous assessment and coursework give a better and fairer guide to pupils’ abilities. At a time when so many pupils have had severely disrupted education and those in deprived areas are likely to have suffered most from lack of continuity, surely it is sensible to let hard evidence take precedence over political dogma.

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